Who We Serve

Do-it-yourself investors who want expert guidance and insights. Do you believe that you can implement your own financial plan and manage your own money, but also realize “I don’t know, what I don’t know”? We are an advice-only firm, we will never ask to manage your money. Our focus is education and empowerment incorporating the latest academic research so you can manage your own money and implement your plan successfully.

Looking for a trusted guide. We are a fiduciary for our clients. That means that our client’s best interest is our sole focus. We are flat-fee--we charge the same amount regardless of assets. No hidden commissions, sales loads or referral fees.

Kind people. We love what we do and treat those we work with like family. Mutual respect and kindness are traits we value and look for in those we work with.

Comfortable in a virtual environment. Our clients seek to maximize time with family and friends and do what they are most passionate about. They appreciate being able to work with professionals from the comfort of their own home.